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Durga Maa Chaitra Navaratri 2023

Free Navaratri meditation! You are welcome to join our Navaratri Meditation invoking Maa Durga by receiving a mantra from our lineage to be used between 21 March – 1st of April.

This free offering was transmitted by our beloved teacher of classical tantra Guru Maharaj Rajkumar Baswar through our school Shivoham Tantra.

We encourage you highly to use this period for purification, contemplation and gratitude using whatever mode of practice works for you.

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Rise in light – commune with Kamalatmika

A festival is a reminder to get together for a benign purpose serving us all. A sadhana is a meditation practice associated with such a cause has exponential effects. We are stronger together.

During Diwali festival between 2nd to 7th of November, we will call in Lakshmi through meditation for
prosperity, health and whatever form of light we need in our lives right now.

Join our facebook group for a free mantra for a Lakshmi meditation during Diwali.

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Free Navaratri Meditation invoking Maa Bagalamukhi on 12-23 April

Every Navaratri; we celebrate an aspect of the divine Mother which is the most beneficial for the sentient beings at that particular time.

In the middle of that auspicious trip, I found out that we will be invoking Ma Bagalamukhi! The powerful, fierce aspects that clears the illusions, confusion and misconceptions.

Aren`t we all in need of this exactly right now!?

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In need of some pointers on the path? Check Vedic Astrology

If you are inspired about hearing something more substantial about your path and dharma in this lifetime and looking for a reading of your chart by a mystique; our beloved Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar offers his wisdom.

This is a special opportunity that Shivoham Tantra can offer due to the pandemic conditions. Otherwise Guruji would hardly ever have time in between all the major sadhana we would keep holding at the ashram.

Just fill the form for booking a session.

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