The Rajrajeshwari Shivalingam at the Shivoham Ashram consists of 3 parts. There is a Yoni, a large Shivalingam and a Shri Yantra at the top. This is a very unique Shivalingam which is inspired by 3 types of Tantras – Yamala, Damara and Kularnav Tantra. In Vedic knowledge the Shivalingam is the exact replica of the universe and the sound AUM always emits from the lingam, which is the source of all types of pranic energies.

In Sanskrit the word Linga means ‘symbol’ or ‘mark of identification’, therefore the Shivalingam is a symbol of Shiva. A Shivalingam is a cylindrical shaped or pillar-like structure which represents the Adishiv, the first form of Shiva, and the masculine energy of the universe, Purush Tatvam. The round shape of the Lingam represents the circulation of energy which is eternally active – Shiva has no end and no beginning. The pillar-like aspect of the structure represents stability and also symbolizes the link between Prakriti, Nature,  and Paratma, Consciousness. It indicates the spiritual journey of Atman, or the Individual Consciousness, uniting with the Paramatma, Universal Consciousness. It signals the transformation of oneself from Nara, a Common Human, to Narayan, an Enlightened Human.

In Sanskrit the word Yoni means ‘Womb’. It is a symbol of the origin or source and it represents Maa Parvati, Mother Nature. The Yoni is a disc shaped or a circular bottom section of the idol which represents the Adishakti, the first form of Shakti or the Feminine energy of the universe, Stri Tatvam. The Yoni of the goddess is the sanctum of Mother Nature. This is the place where the Atman, or Individual Consciousness, after separating from Universal Consciousness, arrives and takes different forms. It then begins its individual journey of existence back towards Universal Consciousness. In this journey the Atman changes many forms by taking several births with the aim of completing multiple universal goals, accomplished by serving nature and spiritual growth.

The combination of the Yoni and Lingam represents the Ardhnari Nateshwar form of Shiva and Shakti. This symbolizes the importance of the masculine and feminine energy working together. It defines the complete cycle of the Creation, Preservation and Destruction of the Atman and the universe. The Rajrajeshwari Shivalingam and its components were consecrated through the implementation of various sacred rituals over a several year period. Guruji Maharaj and his 64 disciples performed consecration of the Shivalingam which involved many different rituals, Pranapratishtha and the addition of various semi-precious stones and precious metals.

Along with his years of sadhana and knowledge of the Tantras, Guruji Maharaj wanted to create a Siddha Pitha. This is a place where yoga, spiritual and tantric sadhanas would succeed effortlessly. The Shivaligam combines with the energies from Pashupati Maha Mandal Yagna Shala at the ashram to create this divine Siddha Pitha. For various reasons, the knowledge of tantra has become limited and inaccessible, Guruji Maharaj wants to bring that guidance, awareness and accessibility to this path. Hence, he has dedicated his life to work to this goal. In this time where we are emerging towards the end of Kaliyuga, it is very important to spread the spiritual consciousness and give our contribution to awaken as many spiritual beings as possible.