Shivoham Ashram

Our ashram is in a remote location of beauty and tranquility outside a village called Saoner, which is one hour from India’s central city Nagpur.

This region is the home land of Guruji and is very special as it is totally untouched by regular tourism

The ashram is called the Shivoham Ashram and the main temple which is called the Rajrajeshvari temple has a large Shiva Lingham and Yoni that was consecrated in the end of 2016 in the presence of 64 disciples, who had brought holy waters and earth from all over the world to be used in the formation of the Lingham.

The ashram is also very unique as it hosts 64 small yagna kunds, 8 larger shaped kunds and one central kund. These were all made for the completion of a 6 year sadhana process for disciples and at various times of the year are now used for specific sadhana purposes. The Yagna kunds are actually connected to the main temple by a network of copper wire under the ground. The ashram also houses a Bhairav temple.

The ashram houses is home to a variety of plants and a sacred pond which is filled from the holy water that accumulates in the temple from natural springs. The accommodation for visitors consists of two large comfortable dormitory rooms, one for men and one for women, which has amenities such as air conditioning and also hot water. The food we serve is home cooked vegetarian, very tasty and prepared with love.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home.