Since almost 10 years i am with Guruji now. He has changed my life in so many ways. Due to him i fixed my energy body and am now able to feel energies flowing through my body.

I did a sadhana for many months and 2 weeks before it was finished i felt a jolt of energy rushing through me and since that day my perception of energies in and around me has completely changed. All i did was this practice.

It is a leap of faith in the beginning… but its so worth it.

Since then i came back to Guruji almost every year. I am eternally grateful that he changed and enriched my life on so many levels. So from my own experience i can say that i can highly recommend this practice for everyone.

It is a fantastic journey that will open a hole new world for you

Jan Tomas

I don’t really know how did guruji came into my life… I didnt really knew why I was going to meet him… The years went by and somehow I couldn’t ignore or stop what I was being taught, even though I met so many guru and got so many other initiations… ego started to dissolve and understanding that this was my guru blossomed… And that this guru has an immense love and compassion… That this guru has immense truth and understanding… That this guru is completely spontaneous and authentic… And that he is taking care of us as if we were his own children… There is no way to be able to express the gratitude that I hold in this heart, there is no way to understand how much he has guided me with infinite patience and love… May he be able to keep helping many others through many years… And may our family keep growing with deeper acceptance, deeper connection and deeper wisdom… Love to all

Krishna Aryavrat

Six years ago I began doing sadhana given by Guruji and since then a profound blossoming of radiant beauty and unwavering serenity permeates my life and heart.

The mantras, yantras, ayurvedic medicines, yagnas and various traditional tantric processes Guruji prescribed helped me in so many ways. From very tangible fruits of helping me become grounded, stable and clear in my life and release the need to wander the spiritual scene seeking for answers outside myself, to no longer worrying about money, to creating an intuitive opening to the perception of my purpose, to enhancing my connection to dance, even to meeting my husband…and not to mention the incomprehensibly subtle gifts.

All these aspects and many more I can never prove are the direct result of doing sadhana with Guruji, but in my heart I know deeply are the fruits of the purifying processes and opening to divine energies that happened under Guruji’s guidance and grace.

I am forever grateful for Guruji’s endless generosity and masterful pragmatic approach. May many many people benefit from meeting him and receiving sadhana through this lineage.

Holly Wodetzki

Guru Raj Kumar is an amazing teacher of tantra and completely of the old school. The ancient tradition of India. His memory goes back thru the ages. To practisce under his direction is to be taken back to the oldest of traditions, authentically, with devotion, knowledge and mastery.

Shivam O'Brien

I am with guruji since 2005 and I just want to say that if there is heaven anywhere it’s in the guruji’s feet. I love guruji and I can sacrifice anything to be with him.

Vasant Jadhav

I will like to start first with my Pranam to Guruji. The movement I and my family met guruji our life changed. We all walked towards our inner self. He always told the Power, peace… It all resides in us only.. he will just guide us to it and give us that motivation, power and a way to enlighten them, to awake them….. Such are always his humble words. Even when I use to give up on myself and think I can’t achieve that level or goal… He never gave up on me… Guruji was always there to motivate me and encourage me to take that stand again. Such wonderful guru I got… Who will always be with me . He told such wonderful event of our universe, such wonderful elaboration of the Tantra Vidya. He explained each thing, phases, steps of gaining the spiritual level of one and brought me from this materialistic world to my self. To my inner soul and helped me to get connected to the supreme power ,our almighty lord. He had enlighten my life with his constant guidance…. And even answered my each question even (insignificant one), curiosity with such wonderful answer and example….. That they truly displayed his so deep knowledge and his own enlightenment…. Om Namah Shivaya

Divya Tiwari Bajpei