The wider spread of Guruji’s work, and the earthing and translation of the teachings of this lineage is deeply supported and managed by Guruji’s wife Gurumaa.

Through her feminine presence, strength and discernment she serves to bridge the teachings of the Bhairavanand lineage to all those who access this path of awakening.

Together they serve countless disciples as a united family unit along with their beloved son Sharabh.

Gurumaa is also deeply inspired by Bharatnatyam Indian classical dance. Her teaching combines the wisdom of Tantra with Indian classical dance. Gurumaa shares the esoteric history of this dance with the knowledge of Tantra that has much been lost.

She offers a 3 day sadhana immersion on the Satya Loka women’s Yoga teacher training where she teaches this traditional dance with Guruji’s influence to combine Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, mudras and kriyas.

Gurumaa is not just a friend to those who pass through the ashram, she is our Guru Ma.