International Sadhanas with Guruji

In the last five years, our renowned Master of Kundalini and Indian Traditional Tantra has visited Israel, Thailand, Greece, Austria and Estonia!
His name is Guruji Maharaj and he has been personally guiding many long time spiritual seekers. He is visiting with his wife Dipti and son Sharabh.

International sadhanas are special opportunities to participate in a process of purification and transformation as he specialises in harmoniously guiding the energy of Kundalini.

There is no sex involved. No relationship work.
You will be working directly with your own energetical potential.

Potential which is amplified and brought to a greater harmony by meditation and a process called Shakti Pat.

You will experience authentic tantra as it’s been taught for thousands of years, before it was used as a marketing buzzword.

You’ll be utilizing tantric technologies to work directly on your energetic system, this includes using a a combination of herbs that help to open the subtle body to be able to receive the transmission.

You’ll be working with the three main technologies of Tantra:

1. Mantra (sound)
2. Yantra (geometric form)
3. Yagna (fire)

How does mantra work in this process?

A mantra is the sound form of a particular energy. Specific sounds, words or phrases are repeated.

By practicing the repetition of mantras and by verbalizing the sounds internally or externally, we commune with and invoke the beneficial energies specific to the mantras.

Mantra is an important tool used in many spiritual practices to generate the necessary energy to power a certain process.

The word ‘mantra’ is derived from two words – ‘manas’ meaning the cognitive mind, and ‘trai’ meaning to protect or free from. Hence mantra is a tool that can be used to become free from the mind.

Every sound has a form, and every form has a corresponding sound. Therefore, every mantra has a yantra, and every yantra has a corresponding mantra.


What is the significance of the yantras we will use?

The yantra is a geometrical design which can be used as a tool for meditation and transformation of the internal energies.

The different geometric patterns symbolically represent different aspects of the creative forces of the universe. For instance the central point represents the absolute or the infinite, the four gates around the edge represent the four directions.

But beyond the symbolism is the true science of Yantras, and its basis is in its geometry. Just as the sound of mantras can be used to transform your energy system, you can use Yantras to do the same.

Yantras can be empowered by invoking a mantra over the yantra, so that it becomes a living form of its particular energy.

That living form is often a particular aspect of the Goddess, such as Tara, Kali, or Saraswati.

Certain geometrical shapes are better than others in holding the energy that is poured into them. If you’re wanting to work with the energy of Tara, then you’ll create a geometry that holds the energy that’s poured into the Yantra. If you use the wrong geometry, the energy will simply slip away and will be useless in the process.

By combining the use of the mantra with the yantra we can experience a true process of Tantra.

What are Yagnas?

The aim of tantra has been to purify oneself without negation of life’s situations, without negation of the weaknesses which we have inherited.

Tantric yagnas invoke energy, shakti.

If you have a dirty pot you take a hose pipe and clean the pot with the water coming through the pipe.

Similarly, the tantric yajnas represent the flow of water in the pipe. We are the dirty pots and it is the force of the water that cleans the pot.

Yagnas aim at uniting the individual mind with the cosmic mind.

Offerings of ghee (clarified butter) are thrown on to the fire whilst reciting mantras.

This is done to connect with aspects such as the cardinal directions and particular energies of the yogic tradition that support the success of the ceremony.

Special herbs or rice, sugar and sesame seeds are further offered to the fire with a specific mantra depending upon one’s personal sadhana or the group intention.


What will this sadhana include? 

1. 3 Fire Yagnas/Ceremonies.

2. The making of a live Yantra.

3. A session of questions and answers about Tantra, energy, the process, and other topics you’d like to know about.

4. Your chance to ask Guruji a question related to your spiritual path.

5. Other various activities (we’ll keep this mysterious). With Guruji, you always need to leave room for spontaneity.


What will I receive from this? 

1. You’ll get the rare opportunity to intimately participate in a process of authentic tantra. You’ll experience the tantric technologies of mantra, yantra, and yagna in a way that you haven’t before.

2. You’ll get a chance to meet personally with a Tantric master you can trust, who can help you direct your energies in the right way on the right path for you.

3. The opportunity to go deeper into this work if you resonate with it.


Additional Opportunities outside of the events

1. For a basic meeting, you will be able to meet Guruji for about 20 minutes and ask any questions you like.
2. For a more detailed meeting, Guruji will conduct a subtle energy body scan and offer his spiritual insights and recommendations.

Recommended donations will be received for these additional meetings to cover the expenses, the cost will be reviewed at the time of the event.


More Details

For more details on this style of Tantra and Guruji you can write to [email protected]

We look forward to meeting you ♥