KALAGNI – Divine Mantra Healing

Empowerment and Training with Guruji Maharaj


Using the mystical technologies of traditional tantra, participants will be empowered to enhance their healing abilities using secret mantras as well as be able to protect themselves from taking on any negative energies from their clients. 

Admission requirements

This program is open to healers (professional and aspiring) who work directly with the human mind, body, or spirit where energy is exchanged via healing modalities. 

For example: Bodyworkers and Energy Healers; Yoga and Meditation Teachers; Therapists and Social Workers; Astrologers and Clairvoyants


Prior to arrival, participants should complete a 2 month mantra sadhana preparation in order to prepare their kundalini for “ subtle body scan” as well as to ensure their system has the capacity to handle the energy demands of the intensive training. Commitment is 1 hour per day.

Note: Those who have already completed intensive sadhana with Shivoham or Kalagni (minimum level 3 / Kundalini Mantra) are exempt from the preparation requirement. It should also be noted that major Shivoham group processes such as “the 64”, Chakrapani, and Shoolpani kriyas all work on the soul level towards liberation. This empowerment is a more practical application to be utilized primarily in this lifetime and is entirely complimentary to the intensive kriya processes.


Please contact: [email protected] for current payment terms

What to expect: Online preparation

Introduction and personal meetings

3 part preparation sadhana beginning with initial purification with Astrological mantra/s.

What to expect: Ashram intensive

Subtle Body Scan 

Creation of Living Yantra and Rice Yantra 

11 days Healing Empowerment 

11 Yagnas

5 Initiations 

2 Nadi Shodhan treatments

3 Sanskar treatments 

3 Kriyas

5 Q+A

Marjan, Tarpan, Abhishek, Guru Puja


-Increase power in healing practice

-Heal or support sick people

-Self protection

-Evil eye for babies



-Distance healing

-Mantra healing for specific chakras

-How to calm Kundalini

-Making protection gadgets


-Protection Astra

-Astrology reading / ring

-Sri Yantra empowered by Guruji