Mantra Sadhana & Body Scan with Guruji

The Shivoham Tantra Ashram is offering a rare experience to connect with the teachings of traditional tantra. The Tantric Master, Guruji Rajkumar Baswar, along with the teachers of the Shivoham Tantra lineage, are providing this amazing opportunity for people from around the world to participate in an authentic Tantric Mantra Sadhana online. 

If you are new to this lineage of tantra, you will begin with an initial purification mantra to firstly cleanse the basic energies of the subtle body and to become familiar with this style of Mantra meditation. The initial purification and practice will prepare you to complete the 40 day Tantric Mantra Sadhana required to qualify for a personal meeting with Guruji.. 

Every person commencing this unique sadhana will be guided by a qualified Shivoham Tantra disciple. Once the 40 day sadhana is completed you will be offered a subtle body scan by Guruji, which takes place from a distance.

During the subtle body scan Guruji determines potential blockages within the energetic system and also identifies the specific energetic needs of the practitioner’s subtle bodies, as well as any helpful information that Guruji feels to share. 

Guruji has conducted these body scans for many years, and practitioners and disciples have been amazed at the insight and results received. 

It takes just one evening for the scan to take place, so after this you will then be invited to have a personal meeting with Guruji on a online platform, where you will be joined by Guruji’s wife Dipti, and the teacher who has been guiding you. During this meeting you can receive the results of the scan, ask any questions you would like and then if you like, you can receive an individual mantra for continued spiritual practice. 

The cost of the entire process, including the 40 day mantra sadhana, energetic body scan and individual mantra, is 150 Euros. If you would like to embark upon this unique experience and require a qualified Shivoham teacher, or if you would like more information regarding the sadhana, please write to [email protected]. If you have previously completed a mantra sadhana with Shivoham Tantra, and you are in connection with a teacher from this lineage, please contact your teacher directly. 

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