The aim of tantra has been to purify oneself without negating life’s situations.

Tantric yagnas invoke energy, shakti.

If you have a dirty pot, you take a hosepipe and clean the pot with the water coming through the pipe.

Similarly, the tantric yagnas represent the flow of water in the pipe. We are the pots and the force of the water cleans us.

Energy is invoked in the yagnas, and flows through our vessel, purifying us.

Yagnas aim at uniting the individual mind with the cosmic mind.

Offerings of ghee (clarified butter) are thrown on to the fire whilst reciting mantras.

This is done to connect with aspects such as: the cardinal directions and particular energies of the yogic tradition that support the success of the ceremony.

Special herbs or rice, sugar and sesame seeds are further offered to the fire with a specific mantra depending upon one’s personal sadhana or the group intention.