Treatments – Sanskars and Shodhans

In the process of Sanskar, mixtures of herbs are used in combination with the repetition of a Mantra given by the Guru.

In Tantra, the healing is accelerated with the use of herbs and treatments, just as in Ayurveda and other ancient medicinal systems, yet the process is focused on deeper levels starting with the pranic body and it needs the assistance of a master of herbs to understand the complex formulas. 

For the specific sadhanas, special mixtures of herbs and materials are gathered from nature, some of them being rare to find and therefore they can come at an expense.

For example, some of the pastes use the sap from over 200 different trees.

The application of these treatments differ, sometimes they are inscribed on the body in the form of a Yantra or they can be mixed with milk and curd or water and then applied on the different regions of the body or wherever there is a blockage or limitation in the subtle energetic structure. In some occasions, the herbs are given for internal use.

These herbal treatments are most of the time combined with the repetition of specific mantras and they give a huge energy amplification that would not be normally possible.