Sharabh Yog 50hrs

Sharabh Yog is based on a system of Tantra Yoga, primarily used in some classical Indian Ashrams, given to Sadhaks to prepare their physical and energetic structure as a foundation for higher tantric practices.

This Sharabh Tantra Yoga 50hr course is directed towards those who have a deeper sense of the spirituality of Yoga.

It is for those who already have knowledge on how to practice Asana safely in their own body, and for those who would like to usethe 50hrs towards the teacher training, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of Yoga anatomy.

Through this course you will gain a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy, both theoretically and in practice.

Each month you will receive instructions into a specific sequence of Asanas and guidance in the use of Bija Mantras in the Asanas to purify and energise the Chakras and the petals of the Chakras, along with expertly led to Pranayama techniques and practice. A live group meeting will also be held to practice Sanskrit pronunciation and to offer group support by Radasi & Yorgos, both long term practitioners with over 50 years experience together in the science of Yofa & Meditation.

All in all this 50hr immersion offers significant personal and spiritual development on the path of Tantra and in Yoga.

Online Sharabh Yog introduction teaches you the application of the Bija Mantras in Yog Asana for your own practice. 

Experience Asana, Pranayama, meditation, Mantra Sadhana and an introduction to tantric Kriyas.

Optional live Yoga and Advancing Pranayama classes.

Monthly live meetings for questions and support with Radasi & Yorgos

Flexible schedule to accommodate work and family commitments

Ability to use the course towards full Yoga Teacher Certification if you choose and complete your 300hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Shivoham Tantra in India.

Contact directly Ra Lalita Dasi at [email protected] for any inquiries or registration.