The power of Tantra to change ones energetic structure, to allow for the divine to manifest in oneself, in the form of awareness is unparalleled by any other practice.

Using the secret knowledge of the tantric mantra sadhana one is able to take a shortcut in evolution, allowing for a shorter and relatively effortless transformation into a tool of the divine.

For the sake of oneself and all sentient beings, may all who come across this path come to their perfection.

The word ‘Tantra’ is often translated as ‘connection’ or ‘web’, it is pointing towards the knowledge that allows to connect the individual (microcosm) directly to the universe (macrocosm) through the principle of resonance. In the tantric indian tradition the whole of existence, the non-duality that is the cosmos is divided into two aspects. These are called Shiva & Shakti.

Shakti represents all the manifestation, the karma, mind & emotions, energy and matter that comprises the universe, all the phenomena that may arise in the consciousness.

The interaction of these two aspects is indispensable to maintain reality. Shiva without Shakti is empty, dead. Shakti without Shiva is chaos. So there is no consciousness without energy and the opposite, ultimately understood from the non dual approach: consciousness is energy and energy is consciousness. That is to realize through the sadhana.

Shiva is the un-manifested aspect of the non-duality being pure consciousness, immobile, pure witness, pure awareness or Isness, that cannot be understood but only felt or be.

From the point of view of Shiva all is one. Nothing needs to be done and every moment is as conscious and perfect as the next. From the standpoint of Shakti, manifestation, we find that some occurrences or manifestations are more aware of their Shiva aspect and of the deeper levels of Shakti (the subtle levels of manifestation) than others, we also find that some forms are more “successful” or more “harmonious” with the rest of manifestation than others.

Therefore we could say that the process of Tantra is created to transform and purify all the manifested aspects (different layers of our being: energy, emotions, thoughts) in order to recognize the true nature of reality, the Self or in terms of chakras to activate Sahasrara which is the synthesis of all chakras, reuniting the two aspects of Shiva and Shakti. Therefore, even if moksha or liberation are not ones purpose in life, the tantric sadhana can also be taken to improve the quality of life in manifestation.