Disciples and Teachings

From 2012 to 2018 Guruji offered a rare and difficult Sadhana to a select group of people.  Over the duration of six years, many pilgrimages and long hours of arduous practice, 64 disciples underwent a journey to polish their physical and energetic bodies.  Through a series of initiations Guruji supported them in clearing their energetic pathways to allow for them to live spiritually embodied,  free from astrological influences, karmic ties and to have the capacity to hold Shakti Kundalini.

A number of Guruji’s disciples are teaching the Shivoham Tantra path this includes some of ‘The 64’ as well as a other disciples whom have been initiated into the Shivoham Tradition but do not hold the same authority as ‘The 64’ .

Here is a list of the various Shivoham Tantra Disciples teaching around the world. Meeting with them (in particular ‘The 64’) can be a great way to receive an introduction into Shivoham Tantra.

Active Teachers from the 64 Initiated Disciples

Other Teachers from the 64 Initiated Disciples

Facilitators at Shivoham Tantra