Europe Tour 2023

Sadhana With Guruji in Europe

Between 17th of May and 20th of June

Guruji will visit centres in:

Estonia, Spain, Greece and Austria 

Each program will include a 3 day workshop

over the weekend with additional days 

for personal meetings.

For more information contact the local organisers.

Tallinn, Estonia – Shiva Sadhana – 17th to 22nd May,  Heidi Laigar [email protected] 

Basque County, Spain – Ganesha Sadhana – 25th to 30th May, Aritz Olano [email protected]  

Gredos, Spain – Ganesh Sadhana – 31st to 4th May, Harmony Hannigan [email protected]

Olympus, Greece – Vishnu Lakshmi Sadhana –  6th to 11th Jun, Radasi & Yorgos [email protected]

AlpenRetreat, Austria – Bhairav Sadhana – 14th to 20th June, Elly & Wolfgang Eisenbeutl [email protected]

Shivoham Ashram Calendar 2023 – 2024

Chakra Pani Retreat with Guruji

Date: Begin Online on April 2023

Sadhana at the Ashram from 6th Dec 2023 to 6th Jan 2024

Sharabh Tantra Yog Advanced 300hr Teacher Training and Initiation

Date: Begin the Online Training Today

Sadhana at the Ashram from 13th Dec to 8th Jan 2024

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