Shivoham Ashram Calendar 2019

Kundalini Retreat: Muladhar Chakra Tantra Sadhana With Guruji-

Date: 8 – 20 January 2020

The Importance of Your Foundation in Kundalini Yoga

Why is it so important to cleanse and bring stability to the root chakra?

Because just like building a house, all serious work with Kundalini needs to start with the foundation.

Without a solid foundation, you can have many powerful experiences but you won’t receive permanent results.

By stabilizing your root chakra you’ll be building a proper foundation to go deeper into Tantra and Kundalini. Stability is almost the most important thing to achieve before ramping up the pitch of energy in your system.

Kundalini Retreat: Maha Shivaratri Sadhana With Guruji-

Date: 19 February – 23 February 2020


Europe Tour – Sadhana in Greece:  With Guruji-

Date: 15 May – 25 May 2020


Europe Tour – Ganesh Sadhana in Estonia With Guruji

Date: 29 May – 31 May 2020


Europe Tour – Vishnu Sadhana in AlpenRetreat, Austria With Guruji

Date: 3 June – 7 June 2020


Europe Tour – Sadhana in Greece With Guruji

Date: 15 June – 25 June 2020


Sharabh Tantra Yoga – 300hr – Advanced
Teacher Training Course & Initiation – Yoga Alliance Certified

Date: 13 October – 22 November 2020


Diwali Sadhana

Date: 12 November –  25 November 2019

Through the wisdom of the Vedic and Tantric systems, we celebrate particular auspicious times with the understanding that these sacred intervals are potent times to practice sadhana.

Diwali gives us the opportunity to discover the grace of the great wisdom shakti of Mother Laxshmi, the aspect of the universe that propels us towards greater harmony and prosperity both in the material and spiritual life.

This unique and special sadhana will be guided by Guruji at the Shivoham Ashram.

Chakra Pani Retreat:  With Guruji-

Date: 6 December – 20 January 2020


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