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Wisdom and secrets of Tantra

Sadhana for New Year

Shivoham Tantra offers a meditation with a special mantra for new year. This mantra consecrated by Guruji Rajkumar Baswar; supports us in transition periods and new beginnings.

You may start your practice on 31st of December and continue throughout the first few days of the year.

For detailed instructions please join our Shivoham Tantra Sadhana facebook group.

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Victory of the goddess

Free Navaratri meditation!

You are welcome to join our Navaratri Meditation by receiving a mantra from our lineage to be used between 17th – 27th of October. This free offering was transmitted by our beloved teacher of classical tantra Guru Maharaj Rajkumar Baswar through our school Shivoham Tantra.

We encourage you highly to use this period for purification, contemplation and gratitude using whatever mode of practice works for you.

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