Victory of the goddess

Dear Sangha

Let us share a little story with you:

Mahisasura; an immortal demonic force which cannot be slain by any man dominates the world.
Gods helpless against him; their powers, spells or weapons obsolete. Desperately they beg the Great
Mother to come for the rescue.

Maha Shakti manifests herself as the magnificent Durga charged with many weapons; thunders that
strike, beauty that allures, void that absorbs. Durga annihilates Mahisasura in 9 nights and on the
10th day restores peace, balance and prosperity.

This victory is celebrated as Navaratri; the 9 nights of Durga.

As all myths go; this is a story of our existence. As seasons change the world transforms itself letting
go of the old and making space for new. We human beings as a part of nature go through our own
transformation. On the surface it is the immune system adjusting to the new climate; the hair
dropping its dead strands, emotions being stirred up. In the inside it is our dark side; our anger,
greed, fear, jealousy, sloth fighting with the light, love and expansion.

This is one serious war we go through again and again.

It helps to get some divine support to spiral out of it with grace.

You are welcome to join our Navaratri Meditation by receiving a mantra from our lineage to be used
between 17th – 27th of October.

If you are interested in joining the practice join our facebook group for further instructions.

This free offering was transmitted by our beloved teacher of classical tantra Guru Maharaj Rajkumar
Baswar through our school Shivoham Tantra.

We encourage you highly to use this period for purification, contemplation and gratitude using
whatever mode of practice works for you.

Om Namah Shivaya