Free Navaratri Meditation invoking Maa Bagalamukhi on 12-23 April

The moment you decide to go on a pilgrimage; the process already starts.
It was right before Nyepi; the Balinese Day of Silence I had that itch inside to shed another layer.
The destination of this pilgrimage was not a tantric hot spot in the world. They also get to be inner-
journeys. In between Nyepi and the Navaratri*; nine nights of the Goddess coming up; I went
through a period of embracing the dark clouds.

Am I doing what I should be doing? Why is there so much need for doing in my life? I don`t want to
be `doing` my spiritual practice; what if it just turned into another item to be checked in the to-do
list? Am I missing out on life? Or is it just the global reality we are all living in? And many more

Then the darkness turned into anger, frustration, negativity; even headaches, fatigue and breathing

I took refuge in the woods with some close friends and washed everything away under abundant
waterfalls of the Great Mother…

Then came the call of Bagalamukhi; the Goddess of control!

Every Navaratri; we celebrate an aspect of the divine Mother which is the most beneficial for the
sentient beings at that particular time. In the middle of that auspicious trip, I found out that we will
be invoking Ma Bagalamukhi! The powerful, fierce aspects that clears the illusions, confusion and
misconceptions. Aren`t we all in need of this exactly right now!?

Goddess Baglamukhi carries a cudgel in her hands to smash the troubles faced by her devotees and
helps them to attain victory in legal matters, power and supremacy over enemies and evil eyes. The
term Baglamukhi is derived from the word Bagla or valga meaning the saddle used to control the
horse. She has the power to render her target motionless and still. Most of the time that target is
our mind or our speech. She saves us from our own monkey mind and distorted deeds.

During this Chaitra Navaratri between 12th – 23rd of April, 2021; we invite you to take your self-practice
up a notch. This is a special time where every beneficial thing you do to be more connected will have
amplified effects. Be it better self-care, more yoga, meditation or whatever floats your boat!

However, if you would like to work with this powerful Goddess in the traditional way using a specific
mantra for this particular Navaratri process from Shivoham Tantra, then join our facebook group.

Looking forward to share this unique work with you!

Much love

*please read this blog for more information on Navaratri