In need of some pointers on the path?

Check Vedic Astrology

Astrology fell on my lap in the package of spiritual quest.

Are you on a journey, which makes you knock on the doors of yoga, meditation, bodywork, tantra or like?

Maybe you literally found yourself on a journey in India, Bali and other spiritual hotspots in the
world. I am pretty sure that there will come a point where you will get intrigued about your
astrological chart and what it says about your life journey. Even if you were a full-on skeptic such as
me before.

The basic understanding of western astrology came to me in that package indeed. I have to say I was
surprised to find out about the depth of symbolism and the complexity of computations despite my
scepticism. All in all, it was a beautiful matrix for me to explore my way of walking this earth. The
primary focus of western astrology seems to be how we live in this life-time and our psychic

Then came the inevitable experience with Vedic astrology, where the exploration is taken to a whole
new level. I listened to stories around past life experiences with my partner at that time which
untied knots in my relationship alongside with influences of planet constellations at that particular
moment on my health, wealth and above all the purpose of my being in this life.
There are astrologers who have the mystical quality of piercing through linear perception of time
and can surprise you with their clairvoyance. And there are others who are just super good in
`reading` the calculation of particular planetary constellations.

In any case; this information is not necessarily for taking on board as a stigma or a dogma. It can
serve as an amazing new perspective towards your very existence; help you to let go of ideas and
ideals which are superimposed on you due to your outer atmosphere; your habits, social status,
cultural set-up etc. It may also give you the right arrows pointing towards your inner atmosphere;
your state of mind, your shadows and light, your authentic self. This way you may be able to find a
better alignment in between the inner and the outer.

The Vedic astrology also works a lot with rituals, mantras, gems and herbs that may help with
harmonizing astrological influences.
Above all, I always cherished the highlighting of specific spiritual practices that would be a good fit
for me at that particular phase of my life.

If you are inspired about hearing something more substantial about your path and dharma in this
lifetime and looking for a reading of your chart by a mystique; our beloved Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar
offers his wisdom. This is a special opportunity that Shivoham Tantra can offer due to the pandemic
conditions. Otherwise Guruji would hardly ever have time in between all the major sadhana we
would keep holding at the ashram. Just fill the form for booking a session.