Rise in light – commune with Kamalatmika


It has been a tough week with the world outside on fire while I am transitioning from summer to
spring, from nature to city, from communal life to solitude, from infatuation to self-reflection.

How much of feeling into the collective pain, how much of emotional hygiene to stay on track was
the dilemma.

Then a simple post from a dear friend inviting us all to rise and shine; trusting that `Lord Ganesha
will take care of it all` with a fabulous craft work of an elephant face put a smile on my face.

It invited me to welcome the spirit of this month in fact. Mother Lakshmi; the Goddess Kamalatmika
of abundance and prosperity is celebrated soon during Diwali; the festival of lights.

Like many such festivals; there is a demon; Narakasura involved, slain by the `light`; Vishnu the
preserver. It is not about a story about some mythological character but our inner demons of fear,
despair, gluttony, anger or dullness. Diwali is a reminder that we are supported by the light inside to
slay them all while the sunlight outside as the cosmic giver of energy shines on everyone.

According to this poetic approach of how energies work; aspirant King Bali sacrificed a complex and
rich offering, a prayog to call upon Lakshmi on earth for the mankind to receive her blessings. This
process opened the path for us all to do Lakshmi tantra. The great Mother is in fact celebrated in all
of her forms during this festival; offering awakening to the sadhak; bringing fire and inspiration into
the work and daily life of the householder.

A festival is a reminder to get together for a benign purpose serving us all. A sadhana; a meditation
practice associated with such a cause has exponential effects. We are stronger together. During
Diwali festival between 12th -17 th of November, we will call in Lakshmi for prosperity, health and
whatever form of light we need in our lives right now. Above all, we will have the chance to offer our
gratitude for all the blessings we have been granted in our lives.

Last but not least; join our Shivoham Tantra Sadhana Group if you would like to receive
instructions for the free mantra meditation for Diwali between 2nd to 7th of November!

Wishing you love, light and joy. Everything is going to be ok. Let`s breath and take one step at a time
in this spirit of celebration.