Something Big is Happening!

Laxmi Prayog & Diwali Sadhana 2022

Right now a big group of Shivoham tantra sadhaks are gathered at the ashram for Diwali Prayog. 

They will be offering hours and hours of fire ceremonies for 22 days on this auspicious occasion; starting on 23rd of October. 

Besides that several sadhaks from the sangha are building yantras for Diwali in different parts of the world for Diwali sadhana until 28th of October.

Would you like to be a part of this process? Just join our facebook group for details on ways of receiving the fruits of these amazing processes.

During Diwali, hundreds of candle lights are being offered in front of the houses or offices as a form of gratitude for all the blessings and boons of the goddess. The light represents also her power in slaying the darkness in the microcosmos of our being and its reflection; the macrocosmos of the universe. Another representation of this light is the sun as the cosmic giver offering life on earth. 


Having said all this, ultimately a festival brings people together for a purpose. That is the most important aspect of Diwali. Together we are stronger. When we practice together, the effects of our practice are also amplified. 

You can celebrate Diwali in the sadhak way asking for enlightenment through your practice. You can also celebrate in the bhakti way connecting to the gratitude in your heart towards the goddess. The simple bhakti way is about devotion and just some simple rituals. 

You can clean your house as Lakshmi only enters a clean space. You can offer lights of any sort on the day of Diwali. You can listen to Lakshmi bhajans and kirtans. Or simply take a walk in nature admiring her presence with us at all times. 

It is also a good day to start projects, make investments, manage financial interactions. If you want to practice the sadhak way, there is usually a defined process, along with a long Mantra and some specific rituals. Feel free to connect with us through the facebook group now to enter the path of the Sadhak following the processes of Shivoham Tantra.