Kundalini Muladharjagran Sadhana


8th – 20th January 2020

Are you looking to practice authentic Tantra sadhana with an actual living master in India?

Then you are invited to take part in this unique sadhana that will purify and empower the Kundalini energy, and bring a greater stability to the root Chakra.

This event in itself is a valuable foundation for any sincere practitioner. Why?

Because it’s imperative that the basic spiritual energy is purified and activated so you can harvest sincere results from your practices. Otherwise, your efforts can be in vain for many years.

By attending this event, you’ll also have the opportunity to continue the cleansing and activation effect on each chakra over the next 7 years, although this is completely optional.

By attending this sadhana you will be able to practice daily in the presence of Guruji, one of the greatest living Tantric Masters.

The sadhana includes:
– Initiation by Guruji in order to start the sadhana
– You will receive a subtle body scan & a personal Q & A with Guruji
– Experience external herbal cleanses to purify the nadi system
– Experience Yagna – fire ceremony
– Experience the making of a live Yantra
– Practice Tantric Kriyas and meditation
– Partake in traditional practices such as Tarpan, Marjan & Abeshek.
– Receive a personal mantra to support you spiritually.

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