Simon Ward - Australia
I met Guruji after 5 years of quite a strong yoga and meditation practice. The first Sadhana opened an element of devotion within me that I had never known before. It was a very powerful week, and had I not experienced that for myself, there is no way I could ever have imagined it possible. I knew I had found my Guru during this first week. I have practised Guruji’s Sadhana daily since 2011, and the gifts and the grace continue to flow in all elements of my life. Having Guruji Rajkumar Baswar as my Guru is the most blessed aspect of my life. If you have the opportunity to meet him, and do the sadhana, you will find out how authentic of a Master he is for yourself.

Vasant Jadhav – India
I am with Guruji since 2005 and I just want to say that if there is heaven anywhere it’s in the Guruji’s feet. I love Guruji and I can sacrifice anything to be with him.

Seema Tiwari – India
When I met Guruji first time….he gave me an mantra to boost my confidence ….which made me strong and made me realise my true abilities and boosted my true self. I from then on started this spiritual journey with Guruji… I had attended many yagna with him and I had felt that power, that positive spiritual aura around me …. my all wishes had came true by doing my mantra and by participating in all those holy yagna…. I and my family had started this journey of spirituality with Guruji since 2005 and will continue it for lifetime. Om namash shivay… Pranaam Guruji

Saeed Khan – Canada
Tantra is the highest spiritual science which has been received in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and even Sufism. In the years that I have been with Guruji he has clearly demonstrated the potential of Tantric science/magic in a way that is completely beyond my wildest comprehension. He has opened me up to a new level of spiritual possibility, knowing and understanding. In the last set of Pujas with Guruji I have witnessed him facilitate the movement and lifting of karma not only of the participants but the lifting of Karma on a planetary level. His Tantra is not simply education and transmission along a lineage line but the direct LIVING transmission of Tantra itself.

Stas Bekman – Canada
I think each person will find a unique gift that’s precise for them with Guruji. I originally came to Guruji to see a true tantric master at work, as where do you find such masters these days? But I was not really taking it too seriously, I was a spectator. What do they say – curiosity killed the cat? It took four years for me to come around and finally let go of my controlling mind and allow myself to experience an amazing surrender to what is, without needing to understand, control and anticipate – just being in the experience. And then suddenly I didn’t want to leave. Thank you, Guruji!

Teona Papadopoulou – Greece
My dearest beloved teacher, pranam at your feet. Have been blessed to receive several sadhanas the last 3 years from the beloved Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar. Was able to uncover deep layers of conditioning and transform my life in every dimension. The practices that Guruji gives are traditional and authentic and his main focus is to serve and give unconditionally. May you all be blessed with a Guru like that! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Sean Goldberg – Austrailia
My life changed the moment I met Guruji. I can’t even begin to describe the experiences that I have passed through since meeting him. I have never met a man that has taken so much care so selflessly and humbly as Guruji, never asking for anything in return. I am so deeply grateful for everything I have received and learnt, he has been a true blessing in my life.

During the last 5 years I have experienced quite a journey with the teachings that Guruji transmits. Plenty of meditation, fire rituals, purification, journeys to sacred places all over India.True path of Tantra – not easy at all but making one to step into his/hers own power. And also teaching my Leo nature to surrender, trust in the power of mantras and allowing my scientific brain to rest that simply there are things between the earth and sky that I do not need to understand. Opening up, trusting and just doing the practice was my big experience. If I was to use just one word to say about Guruji, gratitude would be the one Thank you.

Thomas English – Canada
I have been with guruji for the past 8 years, and have the utmost respect and love for him. My life changed a lot after meeting with this authentic guru, and has allowed me to become closer to manifesting happiness in life and in getting closer to and merging with the divine. Guruji being a Tantric master in practise has helped to lead me along this holy path toward realising Truth. He is unlike many posing teachers of Tantra in this modern age as he has practical experience of over 40 years of living the life of a wandering sadhu, and later on householder, and has not based his knowledge of Tantra from those of books but on real life experiences of living as a monk immersing himself completely into the teachings of his guru-s. I offer to everyone who comes to me teachings in this form of Tantra and I feel that it is very safe. At its’ core is a direct understanding of selflessness and giving, which is the model of Guruji’s presence which we all follow. Besides this, his mantras and practises really work; they have great impact on those who devote themselves to the practise both in opening up to the divine and in helping to bring balance and harmony to life. Jai ho guruji.

Dipankar Tiwari – India
I met Guruji in 2005 …. And it opened the door to the spiritual world. I got my first mantra and had done the auspicious Amarnath Yatra with guruji… It was so divine and i also got the opportunity to know My guru closely…. Living with him at his ashram…. Showed me the world of a saadak… And his hardship to acquire the spiritual level of one. Guruji always motivated me to gain my power and the confidences with the way of hardship and utter concentration… He showed me the way toward enlightenment with all his wisdom. Om namaha shivaya

Wolfgang Eisenbeutl – Austria
Guruji Rajkumar Baswar is an authentic tantric master which offers deep spiritual practice to seekers. The guidance of Guruji has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for the blessing of being initiated by him!

Dattatray Sutrave – India
I’m academically strong but spiritually illiterate ?? I meet Guruji with scientific research experiment and I came across the man with tremendous knowledge of tantra vidya and I am learning this from Guruji I am very pleased with this I hope this things should be given more publicity so many people will become happy in their life

Flo Guapo – Denmark
I have been practicing sadhana under supervision and guidance of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar for more than six years. When I met him first time all my doubt was gone and I felt a deep bondage like to a father. My wife joined as well and even my son Deva got blessed. I saw every year tremendous progress in all the friends and brothers & sisters who joined the pilgrimages and sadhanas. If you have the chance to meet him – it’s a tremendous and rare opportunity – don’t miss it – you will never regret it.