Sharabh Tantra Yoga – 300hr – Advanced

Teacher Training Course – Yoga Alliance Certified


Sharabh Tantra Yoga is a system of Yoga that has been transmitted through the Bhairavanand Tantra lineage.

It is an authentic and advanced system of Indian Yoga.

The main key to Sharable Tantra Yoga is the use of Mantra.

The practices mainly include Traditional Sun Salutation, Yoga Asan, Kriyas, Bandhas, Pranayama, Kundalini Hatha Yoga, Sun Tratak, and Japa Meditation,

Sharabh Tantra Yoga is a system that can only be transmitted from the lineage holders to teachers through a six week process. The teachers go through a particular sadhana process to activate each petal of each chakra mainly through specialised kriyas. The training also includes teachings on subtle anatomy, traditional Tantric texts such as the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, and the Art of Teaching at an advanced level. Participants also learn the system of Yagna, {fire ceremony} and the creation of Yantras. The depth and quality of the teachings  at Sharabh Yoga create an advanced level 3 teacher training for experienced practitioners and teachers.

From the actual participation in this teacher training course the nadis and chakra system can be cleared at a very deep level so that teachers are then authentically able to transmit to others this science of Tantra Yoga from their own embodiment of the teachings.

When practiced in it’s depth, Hatha Yoga is inevitably a Tantric practice, for as we start to purify the physical body through Yog Asan and also Shat Karmas, {purification techniques}, we can start to experience our more subtle bodies, the energetic aspect of our being. Once we enhance and purify ourself at this level our primal energy and fundamental life force known as Kundalini becomes more active and awakened. This is a fundamental and graceful step in the awakening of consciousness.