Ashwin Navaratri – Yagna Training Intensive   


16th October – 28th October (including arrival and departure days)

ShivohamTantra Ashram, India

If you have ever wanted to learn the science of Yagna and how to perform these sacred ceremonies of fire, then this intensive is for you. 

We are offering a two week immersion during Navaratri where you will be guided and trained in the process of holding Yagna.

Radasi who is leading this event has been dedicated to the language of fire for over 12 years. She is renowned in her ability to work with fire, to recite mantras and combine this practice with devotion. She has conducted countless fire ceremonies both personally and for large groups of people over the years. She is also versed in many aspects of Tantra and will guide the participants of this training with all of her years of experience and passion for this path.

This particular Navaratri offers an unique opportunity to be at the ashram during a once in a lifetime opportunity, as during a period of 33 days which spans over Navaratri and we will be charging the Kailash Yantra that has been in construction for over a year. What this means is that the blessings that are distributed through this process will come to all who are in the field of this energy at the time. There will be 9 hours of fire ceremony being conducted each day by a team of 16 disciples, so the yagnas from this particular event will also be a contribution to this process. Again we say this is a once in a lifetime experience that even we cannot comprehend yet. 

Please note you can attend this Navaratri without participating in the Yagna Intensive. Simply book through the ashram for the regular participation at [email protected], where you will be a part of the overall Yantra sadhana, using mantra meditation and engaging in some of the public rituals connected to Navaratri. 


Additionally during the Yagna Intensive you will experience:

  • Celebrate Navaratri by combining traditional tantric practices along with Sharabh Yoga, devotion, philosophy and ashram life
  • The opportunity to partake in the construction of a yantra of one of the Maha Vidyas {aspects of the divine feminine energy}. and we will be engaged in rituals and practices such as Marjan, Tarpan, Abhishek and Yagnas (fire ceremonies)
  • A unique opportunity to experience and learn some fundamental and less known aspects of the science of Tantra
  • We will show you how to use this as a path of evolution, so you are able to continue these practices in the future.


If you prefer you are welcome to join the Navaratri at the ashram without the sadhana introduction and partake in festival activities and sadhana. Which includes the making of the live yantra of the Goddess, one yagna, daily japa meditation, kumari puja, and spontaneous rituals. Those who join the sadhana introduction will also experience these aspects in addition.

One of the main aspects to Navaratri in our tradition is the creating of a Yantra which invokes a particular aspect of the feminine energy. This is usually a Yantra of one of the Maha Vidyas, the Wisdom Goddesses from the Tantric tradition. During the Navaratri we invoke and worship the Divine Mother in the form of her yantra, which can be described as her most purist manifestation. Yantras are often made with coloured rice, yet on these special occasions we make the Yantra with sprouted wheat grass, in both cases we charge the Yantra with specific Mantra. The spouted wheat grows over the retreat days as an embodiment of the Goddess herself.


What are the benefits of Navaratri?

Navaratri translates as ‘nine nights’ and the two main cycles are observed twice a year at the beginning of the Indian summer and beginning of the winter when there are two very important junctures of climatic change and solar influence. In Hinduism, the energy of the Mother is represented by the goddess Durga, in Tantra we understand that all the Wisdom Goddesses are present in Durga. This energy is referred to as Devi (Goddess) or Shakti (energy or power). It is understood that it is this energy that helps the divine to carry out the universal play of creation, preservation and destruction.

These two junctures in the year are opportunities for worshiping the energy of the Mother, Shakti, as it is believed that it is the divine power of Shakti that provides energy for the earth to move around the sun, and that it is beneficial that this divine power be honoured as it has such an important role in maintaining the correct balance of the nature.
At these times of changes our bodies and minds also undergo a considerable change, so when we retreat in these auspicious periods we are able to connect more with these beneficial energies that help to maintain physical and mental balance and support our overall spiritual growth.
This sadhana immersion is offered in the grace and presence of Guruji Maharaj and Dipti (Guruji’s wife) with Ra Lalita Dasi (founder of Satya Loka school of Traditional Yoga & Tantra and long term disciple and teacher of this lineage).

To inquire further about this intensive or to book your place contact Radasi at [email protected]