Tantra Marga – Level 1
26th January 26 – 9th February 2019
In Shivoham Ashram

Discover the mystery and wisdom of Tantra
on a two weeks of intensive training

with Kamala Aryavrat (Naama Hanegbi),
in collaboration with Guruji Rajkumar and Dipti Baswar 


What is Tantra Marga – The Path of Tantra course?

 A two weeks intensive immersion into authentic tantric practice, unveiling the secrets of Traditional Tantra and the path of the heart, with the Science of Tantric Yoga, Mantra Sadhana, Tantric purifications and Rituals.

Tantra is known as a magical path and a shortcut for one’s spiritual development. We see, teach and experience it in this way.

This program has been designed as a clear and approachable initiation to the world of Traditional Tantra. 

The knowledge within is based on Tantra, Mantra, Yantra as taught by Guruji Rajkumar as well as Tantra Yoga. It is an entry gate to become a Tantric practitioner.

Over the years Kamala Aryavrat has studied and practiced with her many teachers. When asked by others where they could study what she has, it became evident that there was no single place or course that could offer the totality of Tantra as she knows it.

This Tantra Marga Level 1 Intensive Course was created as the first step to allow for the traditional tantric knowledge shared to her by her teachers, to be more available to those who feel called to walk this transformational path.

Now people have the wonderful opportunity to learn all they need to know to become a Tantric practitioner in India during this two weeks intensive course.

The Level 1 of the program is done in collaboration with Guruji Rajkumar Baswar, an authentic Tantra Guru and the teacher of Kamala Aryavrat and is including the Level 1 course of Shivoham Tantra. 

This course is also blessed with inspirational talks by our guest teacher, Dipti Baswar, the wife of Guruji and an inspiring teacher.

After completing your unique and beautiful journey with The Path of Tantra training, you will be able to integrate Tantra into your daily life and spiritual practice.

You will have a deeper awareness of self, a finer perception of energy in the world around you and improved communication with loved ones, and mother nature.